They say that nothing worth doing is easy. Like every successful business, we’ve had our bumps in the road. But we wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because throughout our journey we’ve honed our skills and put our services to the test in the real world, so our clients can benefit from our years of experience.

Steel Vision Tools Pty Ltd (SVT) is a relatively new company supplying welding equipment to the market within Australia.

Our goal is to provide quality yet affordable product ensuring our distributors retain maximum margin in a competitive market.

Our experienced Staff are expertly trained, well known within the industry, and bring quality service knowledge to a tough but workable market.

SVT is currently supplying all channels within the industry and our company and products are proving to be a breath of fresh air to the welding segment.

Our current customer base extends to multiple segments and channels from DIY, Trade, Automotive, Engineering, Tools and even to Industrial Welding Suppliers.

The sales and marketing team has years of experience and recognised reputation from all corners of the market and their service quality is reflected by our customer/distributor loyalty.

SVT staff performance and work space is based on a family and harmonious environment allowing us to work as a team without jeopardising our own personal lives. This is critical in such a competitive and high pressure market. This support is reflected on the level of productivity and quality of work, resulting in the outcomes delivered.

The ARC – TIG INVERTER 180 is an Inverter-based welding machine produced using the latest in IGBT technology.

The DC MMA welding capability delivers a smooth and incredibly stable arc allowing easy welding with electrodes producing high quality welds including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. Check it out!!!

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