Services and Assistance

After 40 years experience, in not only end user requirements but also distribution analysis, we at SVT can provide exactly what each market requires.

The usual stand equipment is upgraded to ensure the end user never has issues regarding consistent operation related to torch sizes, torch length, cable thickness and length, and drive systems.

These upgraded standard features give above average performance and trouble free welding.

The manufacturing of our products is to the highest standards for our market and each product is manufactured in conformation to the Australian standards. These not only include machines but also our full range of PPE products and equipment.

Our products are also manufactured to and conforms to the European CE and also the USA CSA standards ensuring worldwide conformity.

Our 2 year machine manufacturers warranty is fully backed by our nationwide service network to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Steel Vision Tools after sales service, combined with our Australia wide service infrastructure, ensures any end user issues that may possibly occur to be immediately assessed guarantying 100% customer satisfaction.